Programming With Mobile Applications:
Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7

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Second Edition Updates

App Inventor

Android Studio


Web Apps

Web Development


Legacy Updates

10/21/2013: Creating the Android Where's My Phone App Using the Android SDK

8/12/13: Getting Started With Android Studio

5/15/13: Android Studio Early Release - Google's new tool for building Android apps. More to Come!

1/10/13: Using the Windows Phone 8 SDK - Hello Windows Phone 8!

1/10/13: Android SDK Download Available

11/5/2012: Windows Phone 8 and Legacy Apps

10/17/2012: Installing Eclipse and ADT - MOTODEV Studio No Longer Exists! See Android SDK Download Available above

10/17/2012: Apple has eliminated the UIViewController subclass template

7/13/2012: MOTODEV Studio 4.0 - Jelly Bean Workaround - Fixed See Android SDK Download Available above

6/1/2012: App Inventor is now available for use on MIT's servers!